Technical facility management

Create new freedom by leaving technical inconveniences to others. Both, management and production can deliver better work by concentrating on their main tasks rather than wasting valuable time to interruptions and disturbances.

We have core competences in all areas concerning technical facility management. We can offer most services on our own account with qualified employees for:

- Management
- Operation
- Maintenance and
- Service pool
Our technical facility management includes the operation (hand over, operate, monitor, control, maintain ...), documentation, modernisation, redevelopment and reconstruction of technical plants as well as energy management and warranty tracking:

Heating/climate/refrigeration engineering
Sanitary engineering
Measurement and control technology
Automation of buildings
Advantages to you

Reductions in operating costs e.g. through advice on energy use, the training of client's own personnel and adaptable services and contracts.

Value retention of your building and operating equipment our regular maintenance service guarantees the minimum of repair incidents, the maximum of functional efficiency and, in consequence, a high degree of system serviceability.

Fully detailed costs itemised invoices provide details of all order related goods and services supplied.

Continuous availability our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
S+E Services

Fast reactions to maintenance and repair needs having our own production facilities, we are able to manufacture replacement parts in the minimum of time and thus to guarantee rapid repairs.

Capable, well qualified personnel our employees undergo continuous training to ensure that their know how is kept fully up to date.

A reliable contact S+E is synonymous with the entire spectrum of technical installations in buildings.

Whether individual maintenance contracts for selected system components or operating contracts for complete facility management, S+E can provide the optimum services for your building.